Please note: Min order is for 1KG and it can also be mixed i.e 1/2 or 2 types. Thanks!


Let me give a big THANK YOU to our returning customers! We are glad you’re back! and as before, we only sell THE BEST as you already know.

Those of you who loved our Extreme line, will appreciate how much more “potent” our Kratom is now, seems he is sending me some older tree leaves, which as he puts it, are the best ones.

For the new comers to our site, before the ban we had a nice fancy front page. Had a nice video of what Kratom is and the reason I put up this site. In a nutshell this is the reason;

Years ago, I used to be on your side of the screen, I was a buyer. I have bought from most all the vendors on the net, one thing I noticed is that the cheaper the Kratom, the more of it I had to use, in order to get a desired effect, some never really worked.

So after about two years of this, I thought why not setup a site and sell Kratom? But not just Kratom, but high quality, high end Kratom. Long story short, after I learned how the “Business” worked and the farmers in Indonesia worked, I learned the trade. After going through at least a dozen Indonesian farmers, I found one that was the best. He sold in small batches, and he sold the best.

Many of our former customers can attest to the quality of our Kratom, it is Kratom at its best. If you’re a Kratom connoisseur then this is the place to come.

We try to keep the prices low, we do not sell that 8 bucks an ounce stuff ( which in the trade is called dirt kratom ) it costs the supplier almost nothing per kg. What we sell is ultra high quality, there is one other supplier who sells what we sell and they sell it for $29.95 an ounce. We are not even close to that.

We are here to do one thing, provide very high potent Kratom at a cost that is on margin for us, simply put, you will save money.

We will remain open until we again, are told to close up. We sell the best, that I can assure you!

Again thanks for visiting us and we appreciate your Business!

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