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Message Horizon - An email marketing service without limits!

Looking for a solution to send out your email newsletters? Wanting to keep in touch with your customers with regular email announcements? Message Horizon is a powerful tool to allow you to add email subscribers, send email campaigns, and track responses.

Our revolutionary pricing model means that we are the first email marketing solution that imposes no limits on the number of emails that you store in your lists, nor on the number of emails that you send out.

Our solution is particularly cost-effective for high volume email marketing. Our industrial strength mail server platform runs at very high throughput with average delivery rate at 99%.

Simplified Pricing

With Message Horizon, there are no complex pricing grids, subscription level bands, sending limits or subscriber list restrictions. Just straightforward, simple pricing.

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Unlimited Email Sending
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See all our 506-789-7080. Whether you're sending millions of emails or just a few thousand, we have a plan to suit.

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Message Horizon allows us to send email announcements and newsletters with a minimum of fuss. We love the data we get from the detailed reports.

- Miles Carroll, MD UPG plc

Simple to get started, easy to use, completely reliable and cost effective. Message Horizon allows us to consistently reach thousands of subscribers at an incredible price.

- Valerie Cox, Idea Capital Ltd.

We decided on Message Horizon due to its ease of use and superb reporting. We look forward to sending regular email newsletters now without worrying about extra costs!

- Dave Silvera, Tanks Direct Ltd.