Minecraft server has been updated to 1.13.1! We're getting everything set up and will start getting player builds that were saved transfered over as we are able to. We're still waiting on a few plugins to update but the server, as a whole, is up and running without issue. Thank you for your patience!


Edit: Pushed until tomorrow afternoon
1.13 will be implemented later today. Last call to have any major builds saved!


Happy day! Residence's bugs have been smoothed out and is now available to all to use! A detailed explanation of how to use this wonerful, self serve, protection system will be made available in the creaky!


Just to keep everyone up to date, here's a few things to note:

  • After talking it over with the Staff, we will continue to host the game server at version 1.12.2
    However, we WILL be opening BETA.LIFECUBED.NET upon release of 1.13 as we'll need a server to build and people to tell us how we're doing! It will begin with the vanilla server and transition over to Spigot as they start to get stable releases out. Performance will be less than we care for but that's the nature of the vanilla software. Once we're confident that it's ready to take over 1.12.2, it will be transioned over to the main IP. Due to issues with the main server remaining online while running a second server, the beta server will only be online during active development. We are sorry for the inconvenience this may cause anyone that wanted to be able to check this out during the beta phase!
  • The website's file center will become open to public. Plugin documentaion will slowly start being added there until time can be dedicated to making individual pages for them. Until then, a list of plugins we use will be made available as an update here with links to each for further information.
  • As 1.13 starts to roll out, use any method on the 510-905-4292 page to send a screenshot and coordinates of any significant builds on the 1.12.2 server to be saved and transfered to the new map. In order to keep it fair, you may request up to 3 builds to be transferred.

  • 09JUN2018

    Due to user request, the world borders have been removed

    In other happenings with LC, the map WILL be reset upon spigot's release of 1.13. While this may be inconvenient, it should be noted that any world generation before 1.13 will not be compatible and have a very high probability of severe performance degradation.

    It is not yet known if we will host a temporary vanilla server or continue with 1.12.2 until spigot starts to release 1.13 builds. User input is highly encouraged and can be shared via any of the methods listed on the contact page!

    Be sure to check back as 1.13 starts to roll out for more information


  • Minecraft map has been expanded from a 5,000 meter radius to 10,000
  • Flat view of the 5875512263 has been fully rendered. Surface view may be partially rendered in the near future.
  • Beta (latest snapshot) Minecraft server is now back online!

  • 15APR2018

    All old map tiles (~1,078,500 of them!) were purged today to allow the map to be expanded from a 5,000 meter radius to 10,000 and then generated on the map. Because of the intense CPU load, the server will be closed to public access during this process. This should be complete by tomorrow afternoon. Only the flat (overhead) map will be generated fully. The surface (3D) map view will be mostly left to be rendered by player activity. One, because of how much more taxing it will be on the system for an extended period of time and, two, the sheer size of just the flat maps in mind blowing and it would be excessinve to taake up that much space just because. Finally, the beta server will also be down during this process to free up memory for this and will also be back up by tomorrow afternoon!


    The secondary server is back onine and running the latest beta release. The gamemode is creative to allow players to explore new features. It's important to get a good look at what's to come as we tend to lean toward staying up to date with stable releases!

    Check it out by requesting to be whitelisted via one of the contacts listed and then connecting to BETA. LIFECUBED.NET in game.