Innovative. Interactive. Engaging.

At Resonate, we know you want to provide your end users with quality, cutting-edge technology and/or equipment to complete their missions and tasks.

The problem is, some of the best on-the-job technology and equipment gets left on a shelf because users are frustrated when they can’t remember the training, and anxious given the potential high cost of mistakes. That makes you feel frustrated knowing there’s an unused, problem-solving tool at your user’s disposal and anxious about making significant, future technology and equipment investments.

We believe no equipment or technology investment should be left unused.

That’s why we provide digital job aids that are intuitive, easily accessible, and allow users to use, troubleshoot, and maintain even the most complicated technology and equipment, within moments, while on the go.

Resonate makes your technology and equipment useful/useable when your users need it most.

We know you spend a significant amount of time and money providing the right tools so your team can perform better, faster, and safer. And we’ve seen many teams shelve expensive tools because the learning curve is too steep, the technology changes too quickly, or the tools don’t seem easy to use in realistic scenarios.

Here’s how we make the most complicated technology & equipment easy for everyone to use.

    1. Observe Training: We observe the hands-on user training that’s often provided with the new equipment or technology. Since most people forget 45% of their training within 24 hours*, we recreate bite-sized pieces of the in-person training along with supplemental information, so the user can have full recall and the ability to solve problems when they need it most.
    2. Identify Trouble Spots: We are 100% user-focused, and our materials are completely customized to their needs. We identify specific moments, during the use of new technology or equipment, that cause the most difficulty, when the user needs a prompt or information to continue.
    3. Scope the Project: We provide recommended content and media to be created in interactive user manuals, 3D equipment apps, mobile decision tools, microlearning videos, problem-solving or decision-making scenarios, laptop-based simulations for additional practice, and/or augmented reality solutions. Once you agree on the content and media, our team of instructional and graphic designers, 3D modelers, video production specialists, and/or software developers gets to work.
    4. Deliver Results: We deliver most digital job aids within about 8-12 weeks of observing your training or talking with your subject matter experts (SMEs), if no current training exists. However, we have also completed projects as quickly as 6 days when it needed to be developed and deployed immediately. We pride ourselves in being agile and able to scale up to work at the speed of need. Other projects, with more in-depth training and complex content, graphics, 3D models, and/or simulations may take 12-14 months. Our job aid content is arranged according to problems users face. Users will have quick answers at their fingertips to help them remember their training, troubleshoot issues, perform maintenance, and answer questions they need while they’re performing their job.

So, call us to talk about your technology and equipment training today. You don’t have to watch any more technology or equipment investments end up on the shelf. With Resonate Learning’s digital job aids, you can be confident the quality equipment and technology you provide will be used.