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  • Paul and Amy, Richmond VA

    Posted on 10/01/13

    When we talked on the phone for the first time we realized that we actually go to the same local wine bar. We met there the next day. It was amazing, we are so alike in our lifestyles, hobbies, traveling and backgrounds. I feel very lucky for having met Amy.

  • Marco and Jessica, Atlanta GA

    Posted on 09/29/13

    Never thought that I would find my wife on a dating website, but here I am, happily married for two years now . Jessica and I want to say thank you for bringing us together. You just never know who you might meet, and we are very happy we gave it a try!

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    5 Relationship Books That Are Worth Your While

    Posted on 09/24/13

    For most of us, there's no more dysfunctional relationship in our lives than the one we have with self-help books that purport to tell us the secrets to relationships.

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  • 5 Ways to Blow It Over Email or Text

    Posted on 09/12/13

    Dating is all about giving people a chance, peering past superficialities such as appearance or mannerisms or quirks in order to see the person underneath. Because superficialities don't matter — compatibility and chemistry do.

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  • Date Ideas: That aren't simply dinner, movie, or drinks

    Posted on 08/20/13

    Dinner and a movie or meeting a dude for a drink is just so boring. I hereby vow that my next first date is going to be something different and unique so, at least, I have a good time even if I don't necessarily make a love connection.

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    Secrets to Finding Your Spouse Online

    Posted on 08/05/13

    Bad online dates are like our generation's war stories to be traded, cringed at, and one-upped. But before you forsake your wifi and swear you'll never meet another fake architect again, there's hope.