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My name is Jagger Estep. I am a recent college graduate with an Associate's degree in Software Development. I began programming when I was 13, starting with PHP. I enjoyed the challenge of solving problems using code, and since then I taught myself many different languages. My passion for programming lead me to pursue a career in software. I consider back-end development to be my strength, and front-end development to be my weakness. My favorite language is Python.


Columbus State Capstone Project

For my final project at Columbus State, I led a team of 4 others in order to create a enterprise-level business solution for a failing fictional networking hardware company. We had to create a problem and solution. Because the company was still using paper shipping orders, they often missed orders, or sent the same order twice. The hardware in their offices and stores was out of date. Two of the team members worked on the networking aspect of the revamp. One worked on the intranet for employees to use. The last worked on a C# application to manage the employees and add new products.

I created the ecommerce platform using PHP, MySQL, jQuery, Bootstrap, and other libraries.

Users can register, log in, add items to their cart, check out using the Stripe API for credit card transactions, they can check the status of their orders, cancel an order before it is shipped, request a return, giving them return USPS shipping label(s) using the Shippo API. I also used Python to scrape product data from NeweggBusiness.com in order to populate my database.

In addition to the ecommerce platform, I implemented the shipping section of the intranet, along with the inventory control section of the application.

Along with the solution, we also all worked on presentations throughout the semester to show the instructors and classmates our progress. We had to compile a binder containing all of our project planning; our plans, timelines, detailing our system, the cost, and training documentation for all aspects of the project.


View Intranet site (Shipment tab is my work)

Admin Login: test:test

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Lost & Found Dogs Ohio

I made this basic site for my Mom to help her organize lost and found dogs for her Facebook group. Created with PHP, MySQL

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