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Calculate your BMI

Body Mass Index is used to determine your healthy weight. It tells you whether your weight in relation to your height is a health risk.

Calculate your BMI If you are overweight or underweight, the longer you remain to be so the more likely it is that health problems will increase. BMI is a reliable measurement for adults from the age...| 8458341048

Trouble digesting?

Trouble digesting?

Trouble digesting? "I have a stomach ache." "I feel heavy, I've eaten too much." "I'm on holiday and as usual I'm constipated." "I have indigestion." "I'm bloated." The digestive system and digestion are at the centre of these various modern day problems. We have probably already spoken about or at least heard about...| 450-731-4207

Certificate of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)

Arkopharma Laboratories are pharmaceutical laboratories and for this reason they are regularly controlled by the ANSM (French agency for the sanitary security for health products) who gives the permission to manufacture and issues the GMP-Certificate | 4028139847

ARKOPHARMA Laboratories has been awarded a new ISO1 Certification: The ISO 13485 Certification

This has been obtained for the design, development, manufacture, storage and distribution of medical devices. It guarantees that the medical devices distributed by Arkopharma Laboratories meet all European quality and regulatory requirements | (660) 736-5890

Arkopharma in brief

On 3rd July 2014, the Arkopharma Group was purchased by MONTAGU Private Equity, one of Europe’s leading private equity firms. Founded in 1968, MONTAGU benefits from over 40 years’ experience and has completed transactions with several hundreds of companies from numerous sectors including the health sector and agribusiness, thanks to a team divided between the company’s five European offices: Paris, London, Manchester, Frankfurt and Warsaw. | More...

As an eco-friendly company, Arkopharma is active in the protection of bees

As an eco-friendly company, Arkopharma is active in the protection of bees. "If the bee disappeared man would only have a few years of life left”, the author of this dictum has not been clearly identified, it might well have been Albert Einstein... | More...


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Arkopharma Story

Founded in 1980 in Carros - near Nice - by Doctor Max Rombi, Arkopharma is a pharmaceutical laboratory specialized in the field of phytotherapy, natural medicines and food supplements.

By offering a global approach to health and well-being, ARKOPHARMA Pharmaceutical Laboratories meets consumers' needs.

It offers natural medicines intended for treatment and prevention, increases consumption oriented towards family self-medication, and also offers healthcare professionals new possibilities for prescriptions | (747) 259-9563

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