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Through operation, a business creates some degree of refuse. For most, this is not an issue, as regular garbage collection will handle their needs. A dumpster or trash can is all that a business typically requires. Healthcare is not like other industries, however. The waste created includes normal refuse, but also has a fair amount of regulated waste. Items that cannot simply be thrown away with the regular garbage. This regulated waste includes materials related to the diagnosis, treatment, immunization, or research of disease. The waste from these actions can be hazardous to people, animals, or the environment. As such, specialized methods of disposal are required and enforced by laws on the federal, state, and even local levels. The handling and disposal of these biohazardous materials must be done to exacting standards and properly in order to mitigate risks to all involved. Because of this, locations like clinics, labs, hospitals, and nursing homes as well as any other healthcare provider must find an appropriate way to eliminate their medical and regulated waste. Michigan Medical Waste is a group of experts and specialists ready to assist with this task.


What constitutes regulated and biohazardous medical waste in Michigan? The difference between regular and regulated forms of waste often is the way in which it was created. For instance, medical procedures and testing methods create unique forms of refuse because of the nature of the practice. Medical practices can include various hazardous forms of treatment including radiation or toxic materials that would help one person, but harm others. Chemotherapy involves radiation, so any materials like IV bags and their tubing, gowns, syringes, or gloves would need to be treated carefully. The same is true of medication. Any drugs used in the diagnosis, treatment, curing, prevention, or management of a disease would do significant harm in a person not suffering from that disease. Any excess or expired medications must be destroyed thoroughly. One often preventative measure that can still be harmful is the treatment of pathological materials. This refers to any tissue samples, body parts, or fluids that could potentially carry infection. To be safe, any material like that is treated as if it were highly infectious and not only the material but the container it is in is treated as dangerous and disposed of properly.


Even paperwork is treated as regulated in some cases. Medical records are detailed and inclusive documents that record a person’s health, location, and history. This is highly sensitive information and can do a person a great deal of harm if not kept secret. However, many times the forms are updated or digitized, with the older paper versions needing disposed of. The information is still valuable. As such, it is called overclassified waste, and must be handled and disposed of carefully to protect the rights and privacy of patients.


The hazardous nature of this form of refuse is why laws are in place regarding regulated and medical waste in Michigan. Any company that offers to dispose of the material must be intimately familiar with the laws and regulations for proper disposal. Additionally, OSHA has very strict guidelines on the handling of the material until it can be properly disposed of. Such is to protect the safety and health of people in a workplace particularly in the presence of dangerous materials. Individuals must be aware of what to do and how to act around this or any other hazardous substances. Remaining up to code and familiar with the laws is among the highest priorities for Michigan Medical Waste. To that end, our associates are all fully licensed and trained to work with medical waste in any given environment. The size of our company and number of locations helps with medical waste across much of New England, giving a diverse amount of experience in a variety of situations. Such allows us to be able to handle many different forms of medical or regulated waste with facilities and experiences many smaller groups do not have. This network of peers gives a wealth of understanding of this subject, and different methods for handling multiple issues.


Our experts are familiar with these laws to such an extent, they can help spread that understanding to others. We are proud to offer our staff as not only those to remove biohazard medical waste in Michigan, but also to help train your staff on the procedures of handling this material. Before Michigan Medical Waste can remove your unwanted material, your on-site staff must deal with it as it is created as well as stored. To ensure the safety of your people, we are prepared to help reinforce and teach the laws concerning this subject. We will come to your workplace and educate your staff on handling and storage of regulated or medical waste in Michigan. That way your people are both safe and following the laws of your area until we can arrive and remove the material from your site. The specialists that we employ can ensure your staff are also specialists through training and education.


Medical waste in Michigan requires specialized care both in transportation and in disposal. Our staff is well-versed in the handling and disposal of these materials in a safe and effective way. The specialists we employ have the expertise to remove the waste from your site, and dispose of it properly. Most assume that means to simply destroy the material, but such is not always the case. Much of it will be incinerated to ensure nothing hazardous remains. However, some of the material can be rendered inert in different ways. For instance, some materials can be put in an auto-clave to heat it up significantly without incinerating it. Doing so will eliminate any risk of infection or contamination without completely destroying the materials. Those now inert materials can be recycled back into the medical care system as ready-to-use implements. As a form of recycling, this ensures lower overall costs for said materials. This can be particularly true for various forms of ‘sharps’ like scalpels. Other materials can be made sterile through the use of chemicals. Bleach can destroy organic material, leaving behind other portions of the waste that can be used again. Understanding what materials can be reclaimed, while destroying the affected portions or completely destroying what must be done so requires expertise and experience. Michigan Medical Waste is proud of our experts and specialists, and can rely on our massive network of locations.


As a locally-based company, we are intensely proud of our highly-specialized set of licensed professionals. Michigan Medical waste is dedicated to handling your waste needs in a fast and efficient manner, disposing of them properly. We are familiar with all the red tape that comes with handling and destroying both regulated and medical waste in Michigan, making us experts in waste removal. We are prepared to work and interact with state legislation to ensure your waste is handled the right way with a clear business model.


Our expertise with the various levels of law ensure that while we are familiar with the red tape of government and business, it is not something we want to emulate. As such, our business model is specifically crafted to be transparent and easy to work with. First, our billing structure is very simple and easy-to-read. Your billing statements will not have any hidden fees or ambiguous charges. Any and all charges are clearly labeled so at any time you can see precisely what you are paying for. Second, we want our excellence to be the reason you remain our customer. Many business models require a contract to work with a specific company for a length of time. We at Michigan Medical Waste want no such documentation. Instead, we are easy to set up and require no long-term commitments. You can hire us at any time, and discontinuing is easy whenever you decide to do so. However, we are confident that the excellence of our service will make you wish to continue using our specialists. Once we are a part of your business model, you will want to rely on us to handle your biohazard medical waste in Michigan.


Michigan Medical Waste is determined and dedicated to being among the best in our field. Our licensed experts are focused on excellence in removing and disposing of your biohazardous medical waste in Michigan. With great effort, we strive to be the leaders in this highly specialized and unique field. From waste disposal and recycling, to training and reinforcing OSHA codes when dealing with hazardous material, we are proud to give you our very best. With a network of extensive experience and facilities to rely upon, we are a leader in the local waste management field. It is our privilege to offer you a worry-free option in your waste removal needs.

Save at least 30% off your current medical waste provider in Michigan. Call us now at 313-209-3017.

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