Hi, I'm Kitae Song.

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I have interesting in gene and alternative splicing.

MY Skills
RNA-Seq analysis
Plant Tissue Culture
Plant Transformation

My Education



I learn about Plant Biotechnology in Dongguk University (an undergraduate course). The Plant Biotechnology department was integrated with the Department of Agriculture. I could obtain an overall understanding of agriculture, such as cultivation, and physiology. Also, I did learn lately plant biotechnologies, such as tissue culture, and transformation of plants.


Plant-Biotechnology (MSc)

I have interesting in gene function and expression system. I want to learn more details in biotechnologies, and decide to study more. In this time, I learn deeply about plant transformation such as Rice, Arabidopsis, and Soybean. Also, I realized the necessity of computing system to analyze RNA-seq data.



I had studied in plant genetics and response systems to abiotic stress. I did focus on the negative effects of drought in the reproductive stage, which can increase the anthesis-silking interval in Maize. I tried to an investigation in flowering time genes of maize and drought-responsive genes. As results, some flowering time genes which changed expression values and patterns by drought stress were found. I also found that causes of differential gene expressions in chlorophyll A-B binding protein families. These genes were shown differentially expressed values in drought although same homologous and functional predictions. I found reasons for this phenome from transcription factor binding sites in promoter region.

My Works


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