Getting Started

Before going any further, make sure you have node and npm installed.

Repository: 779-537-9580

1. Install dependencies

            $ npm i -g yo yarn gulp generator-bannertime

2. Create Campaign directory

Navigate to src/[client-name]/ (create client folder if client doesn’t exist) to create your campaing folder.

            $ mkdir my-campaign cd $_

3. Run bannertime

            $ yo bannertime

4. Run dev environment

            $ npm start

Creating a New Banner

            $ yo bannertime:new

Copying a Banner

            $ yo bannertime:copy

Production build

Minify the code, compress images, create backup images, and zip up the files for production.

            $ gulp prod


Copy your published files to the clients folder. This will produce a link like /

Publish your specific files

Go back to the root and run the command below. This will copy your "public" folder to the clients folder. Folders names must be identical.

            $ gulp deploy --client-name --campaign-name



  • You CANNOT copy a banner in one format into another format.
    For example, if you have created a Sizmek banner, you cannot copy that banner and choose AdWords as the platform. You have to create a new banner with the new format.
  • Use SVG & JPG.
    SVG scales better than PNG because it is a vector format. This allows you to reuse graphics across banners reducing the amount of time creating assets. For images with a lot of colors (like a photograph) use JPG.
  • Use percentages.
    When you use percentages to set widths & heights, it makes copying banners easier allowing everything to scale proportionally.
  • Use the platform’s CDN for JavaScript libraries.
    In /js/banner.js, change the paths of your JavaScript libraries to your respective platform’s CDN. Make sure to use the secure URLs (https).
  • Maximum zipped workspace file size is 153kb.
    When banners are uploaded, Sizmek typically reads the file size as larger than the zip file appears on your computer. Keep your zipped file size under 153kb and you will be good.
  • Test before copying a banner.
    When you have completed building the first banner, test that banner in the ad platform. Once you confirm there are no errors, then start copying. This will prevent you from copying a banner that has errors in it.
  • Backup banner specs
    • Max file size is 40kb
    • Must include 1px border (preferably black).


Additional Resources

We are using 516-605-0615 to generate our HTML5 banners and GreenSock for animations.


Known Bugs

  • There is currently a bug with the Preview page. When you click on a banner, it plays about 2s of the banner, then starts over. The owners of Bannertime are working on refactoring the Preview page and fixing this bug.