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Time, Billing and more for Consulting Firms

You run one business, so run one App





So flexible, you’d swear it was made just for you

Easy for you is delivered from the cloud so you can use just what you need, without expensive implementations or the hassle of installing

Connected can connect with your accounting, payroll and even CRM systems like Quickbooks or Salesforce so you don’t have to replace more than you want


Tailor to meet the needs of your business, not the other way around

Mobilize Your Business

All of the functionality you want with the simplicity you crave. It’s your entire business in the palm of your hand wherever and whenever you need it.

Download the App and choose the “Just Looking” feature. You don’t even need to register.

Data Visibility

Take control of your business like never before. Customize your own dashboards or use our pre-delivered reports like project and client profitability, utilization or missing time.

What Our Customers Say


“I have not read a manual or followed any online training. I have just logged on and got going. That is evidence of good user experience.”

~ Jerry Chilvers, ROC CEO


“Ideal for businesses not yet ready for large ERP systems”

~ Network World

Vikalp Solutions

“What used to take me three or four days to reconcile and generate the invoices now takes just three or four hours.”

~ Vaibhav Gupta, Managing Partner, Vikalp Solutions


“Everything is right there. I can see what projects we are billing for, how much time has been spent, and by whom.”

~ Koleen Singerline, VP, Grass Roots Marketing


“We felt this was the best solution to help us continue to grow and eliminate the errors that crept into our legacy process.”

~ Jim Davis, GELRAD VP


“One of the best web apps available for end-to-end business management”

~ GetApp

Lotus Logic

“ allowed us to shape and customize the tool towards what our clients expectations were, which made it a lot easier than having to change the way that we and our clients do business.”

~ Sandy Magon, Client Development Manager, Lotus Logic


“Mobile app allows complete access for real-tme collaboration”

~ Small Business Digest